Hey guys it’s still that time of year again, time to pick your winners for this years Golden Handbags awards. If you think we deserve your vote please click on this link and cast your votes, you will receive an email up to 5 days later and you have to confirm you received the email for your votes to count.

You also have to vote in at least 5 categories for your votes to count.

May we present a few suggestions for your votes:

Favourite Bar (small capacity) - Bar Broadway

Favourite Cabaret Venue - Bar Broadway

Landlord/Manager of the year - Michael McGarrigle

Favourite Bar Person - Jamie Lee Jones and Allan De Silva
(You have 2 votes in this category)

Favourite Sports/Fitness Group - The Brighton and Hove Sea Serpents Rugby Club

Thank you in advance if you think we deserve your vote 😘😘